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No more tab switching

You don’t have to switch tab to access the notes. Just click on the extension icon and access your notes.

Instant Loading

Opening of notes is near instant. you don’t have to wait for the notes to load.

Offline first

The notes will open even if there is no internet connection.

Lots of theme

There are lots of themes. You can choose sunset, rainbow , evergreen, glowing birds etc.

Fully flexible layout

You have complete control over the layout. Tiny, compact, medium or Large, you always have the flexibility to change it.

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Pricing and Features

Free Forever
1+8 Notes
1 note loads instantly, Other notes will have 3 seconds wait
Basic themes
9 Notes
All notes load instantly
Premium Animated themes
Automatic backup of notes
Bold, italic, underline, list option
Multimonitor support
Open your notes in another window
Price $4.99/ month
Just apply coupon UKIV75OFF and use app for $2.49 for 6 months.
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Our happy customers
KwEeN rAt
I love this extension. Whenever I'm taking notes in class I can access the extension easily. So helpful for when I don't want to forget something. I really recommend this to anyone who: Takes notes a lot, On the go and don't want to forget something etc. Very helpful. You should definitely add it.
Mia Sharp
Honestly, I love this extension because it saves everything I write and it's super handy for when I need to take notes when studying, or writing a paper and have an idea for later. It's great that the update made it so it's more organized, and I like how you can adjust things to your liking. It would be nice to be able to move it around, but other than that, I really like this extension.
Rafhaan Shah
Wonderful notes extension. Pops up easily, does not ask for stupid permissions like 50% of extensions on the store, and just works very well.